Shree Antu


Tourism in Shree Antu

Shree Antu is a popular tourist destination; a hill station best known as the place to observe sunrise and is known for its tea gardens.Shree Antu is best Known for tea, cardamom, garlic etc. This place serves as a very good producer of organic natural elements. Antu Pokhari, Bhanjyang, Chiruwa and lavishing tea gardens are some of its exotic places.

Shree Antu shares a border with West Bengal India. The weather in Shree Antu is mostly relaxing ie cool and breezy with morning beautiful fog. This Village contains eye catching natural resources and attractive tourist destination for trekking, hiking or viewing sceneries.

SHREE ANTU is the first place of Nepal where the sun rays’ hit. With it a beautiful sunrise can be seen. We can view the wonderful green landscapes and cultivated tea gardens from the place. Amazing forest, green tea gardens and a wonderful green lake will mesmerize you.

A view tower has been constructed atop the Shree Antu Hill at an altitude of 2328 m above sea level which makes it even better to watch sunrise now.

While visiting a tea garden of Shree Antu, try to have some quality time with local people and your beloved ones while plucking the tea leaves in the beautiful green fields. You can ask for local dress and will be delighted by the fresh breeze and green sights of the tea shrubs.

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