About Ilam


About Ilam : Best Place to be in Eastern Nepal

Illam one of the most beautiful hill station in eastern Nepal and largest producer region for Nepali Tea with many beautiful and lush tea gardens, located about 700 km east of Nepal. Illam is famous for natural scenery, landscapes, tea production, religion pilgrims, diverse culture and agricultural economy.

Along with tea garden Illam is also famous for 6 major cash crops as potato, cardamom, Ginger, Red Round Chilly, Milk and Broom Grass. Illam is one of the top most cardamom exporter in the world especially in India and Europe.

Illam itself a unique place in terms of whether suddenly the fog covers all the tea garden and disappear at the time. The cool breeze in foggy day refreshes the mind and enjoy good company with nature. You will get to explore a very interesting places in Illam click here to know more.